Need to know

* Please note that every Motorcycle, Golf Cart, Truck, Car, RV, Boat, Man Cave ,Residential and Commercial job is unique to you and  Performance LED of SWFL.

We take great pride in our craft and workmanship and use every effort to give you the best product and installatiion we possibly can. 

With that said, every client that we work with allows us to do our craft and job which could involve, drilling, cutting, modifying, fabricating, as needed. 


* Although we are a licensed business in Florida. We live in a state which has clients from all over the country that we do business with. We will do our best to give you the correct information on the laws if any of our lights we install. 

* Clients take full responsibility on the use of color and features of our lights we sell and install and the client's are solely responsible for all local,state, federal and or Marine water way laws.